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We manufacture in:
Brass with following grades,
CuZn39Pb3, CuZn39Pb2, OT58, Rohs compliant Brass, Brass for Riveting and other various grades as per the customer's requirements.
Also we work in Steel, Stainless Steel, Phosphorus Bronze, Copper, Gunmetal and other metals subject to there availability.

Turned & Machined Parts, Bolts & Nuts, Connectors, Pins, Sockets, Inserts, All the parts as per the Drawings and Samples.


Brass Screws, MS Screws 
Brass Bolts
Brass Nuts
Brass Washers
Brass Inserts 
Brass Neutral Link 
Brass Earthing Equipments and Accessories
Brass HRC Fuse Contacts
Brass Current and Potential Terminals
Brass Battery Terminals 
Brass Electrical Plug Pins & Socket Pins 
Brass Wire Strip Connectors 
Special Brass Turned Parts
Brass Sheet Cutting and Pressed Parts 
Brass Line Taps
Brass Terminals for PCB Connector Block 
Brass Male Female Pillars
Brass Panel Board and Switch Gear Parts


Fasteners, Relays & Timers, Connecting Rods, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Controls, Electro technical Controls, Circuit Breakers, Switch, Starters & Contractors, Panel Boards, Testing Equipments, Thermocouples, Transformers, Control Panels and other various applications in diversified fields.